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ʰа Բϴ ũ ܼƮ Open Lab (Talk Concert with Basic Science and Open Lab Event) 2022-09-28

ʰа Բϴ ũ ܼƮ Open Lab (Talk Concert with Basic Science and Open Lab Event)

л л ʰ о߿ ؿ ̰ ڿдп 'ʰа Բϴ ũ ܼƮ' Open Lab 縦 մϴ.
ũ ܼƮ а, а, ȭа, а Ե ûϿ е ñϴ ߽ ũ ϸ, 
Open Lab  а Lab Ͽ ִ о  Ǵ ü ִ ȸ մϴ.
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To increase understanding and interest in basic science for undergraduate students, the College of Natural Sciences holds a 'Talk Concert with Basic Science' and Open Lab event.
In this talk concert we invite professors from the Department of Physics, Mathematical Science, Chemistry, and Life Science to talk and discuss, focusing on topics and questions that you might be curious about. It also provides an awesome opportunity to experience firsthand how research is being conducted.
It would be a great help for undergraduate students (especially new students) with designing your future. Thank you for your interest and support.

Date & Time: Oct 7 (Fri)
 - Open Lab Event (13:30~15:30)
 - Basic science talks and discussion (16:00 ~ 18:00)
Venue : Jeong Geun-mo Conference Hall (Academic Culture Center E9, 5F) 
 - Pre-registration available before 12:00 on Sep 30 (Fri) 
 Moderator (MC): Professor Yoonsu Park (Department of Chemistry)
- Professor Kab-Jin Kim (Department of Physics)
- Professor Sang-il Oum (Department of Mathematical Sciences)
- Professor Mu-Hyun Baik (Department of Chemistry)
- Professor Hyeonwoo Kim (Department of Biological Sciences)
- A Galaxy Z Flip 4, A Galaxy Watch, An Apple Watch, Three Galaxy Buds 2 
 Inquiry: Academic & Student Affairs Team for College of Natural Science, Bong-Yeo Lee (T. 2472)
Zoom 뿪 Դϴ. (Korean Talk, Simultaneous Interpretation into English via Zoom )