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  •    Professor
  • Physical and Nanochemistry (1996 ~ 2019.7)
  • Ph.D. 1990, University of California at Berkeley
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1981: B.S. Seoul National University
1983: M.S. Seoul National University
1990: Ph.D. University of California at Berkeley
1990-1994: Institute for Molecular Science
1994-1996: Professor, Kyungbook National University
1996-2019.7: Professor, KAIST


1990-1994: Institute for Molecular Science
1994-1996: Professor, Kyungbook National University
1996-present: Professor, KAIST

Brief Introduction

We are interested in the syntheses, characterizations and applications of single-crystalline nanowires. We developed unique synthetic method to grow single-crystalline noble metal nanowires and various metal compound nanowires (metal silicide, metal oxide). Noble metal nanowires are studied as plasmonic biosensor platform and nanoelectrode. Metal coumpound nanowires are investigated as various elelctronic devices such as next-generation memory devices based on spintronics. We are further developing heterogeneous nanoarchitectures based on nanowires and nanoplates that are expected to improve the performance of our nanomaterial-based devices.

Research topics

- Advanced plasmonic materials
- Medical nanobio technology employing noble metal nanowire
- Self-Assembled Monolayer (SAM) using 2-Dimensional gold nanostructure

Representative publications

Superplastic Deformation of Defect-Free Au Nanowires via Coherent Twin Propagation", Nano Lett, 2011, 11, 3499.
"Diffusion-driven Crystal Structure Transformation: Synthesis of Heusler alloy Fe3Si Nanowires", Nano Lett. 2010, 9, 3643.
In-situ TEM Observation of Heterogeneous Phase Transition of a Constrained Single-crystalline Ag2TeNW", Nano Lett, 2010, 10, 4501.
Patterned Multiplex Pathogen DNA Detection by Au Particle-on-Wire SERS Sensor", Nano Lett, 2010, 10, 1189.
Steering epitaxial alignment of Au, Pd, and AuPd nanowire arrays by atom flux change, Nano Lett, 2010, 10, 432.