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  • ֺ   Professor
  • Structural Biochemistry (NMR spectroscopy)
  • Ph.D. 1979-1984, Brandeis University
  • WEBPAGE : http://nmr.kaist.ac.kr/
  • E-MAIL : bschoi@kaist.ac.kr
  • Tel/Office : 042-350-2828 (Office), 2868 (Lab) / 5106(E6-4) (Room)

Contact information

Tel: (office) +82-42-350-2828, (lab) +82-42-350-2868
Location: (office) Room 5106 (Bldg. E6-4), (lab) Room 5113, 5114 (Bldg. E6-4)
Fax: +82-42-350-2810
E-mail: byongseok.choi@kaist.ac.kr
Website: http://nmr.kaist.ac.kr/


Ph.D. Brandeis University (1979.9-1984.5)
M.S. Seoul National University (1976.3-1978.2)
B.S. Seoul National University (1972.3-1976.2)


1984.6. ~ 1986.6. Post-doc, Department of Chemistry, M.I.T.
1986.7. ~ 1988.8. Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, KAIST
1988.8. ~ 1995.2. Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, KAIST
1995.3 ~ Present Professor, Department of Chemistry, KAIST

Academes and Society

1987 ~ Present Korean Chemical Society
1987 ~ Present Korean Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
1992 ~ Present Korean Magnetic Resonance Society
1992 ~ Present Korean Biophysics Society


Brief Introduction

The human genome is under constant attack from endogenous metabolic byproducts and environmental factors that can alter the chemical structure and corrupt its encoded message. The accumulation of somatic damage is now considered a main cause of the cancers as well as aging process. To cope with these DNA damage, organisms evolved an intricate network of DNA damage repair pathways, each focusing on a different class of DNA lesion. Our research focuses upon understanding the mechanism of damaged DNA recognition and propagating cellular events of damaged DNA repair system at the level of atomic resolution.

Research topics

Damaged DNA / Repair / Mutagenesis
cyclic-di-GMP binding receptor
Influenza A virus panhandle RNA

Representative publications

"Structural and Dynamics Study of DNA Dodecamer Duplexes That Contain Un-, Hemi-, or Fully- Methylated GATC Sties", J.-C. Bang , S.-H. Bae , C.-J. Park , J.-H. Lee , B.-S. Choi, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2008, 130, 1768817696.

"Structural basis for the conformational integrity of the Arabidopsis thaliana HY5 Ieucine zipper homodimer", M.-K. Yoon , H.-M. Kim , J.-O. Lee , B.-S. Choi, J. Biol. Chem. 2007, 282, 1298913002.

"Structural and dynamic basis of a supercoiling-responsive DNA element", S.-H. Bae , S.-H. Yun , D. Sun., H.-M. Lim , B.-S. Choi, Nucleic Acids Res. 2006, 34, 254261.

"Biophysical characterization of the interaction domains and mapping of the contact residues in the XPF-ERCC1 complex", Y.-J. Choi , K.-S. Ryu , Y.-M. Ko , Y.-K. Chae , J.G. Pelton , D.E. Wemmer , B.-S. Choi, J. Biol. Chem. 2005, 280, 2866428652.

"NMR Analysis of Enzyme-Catalyzed and Free-Equilibrium Mutarotation Monosaccharides", K.-S. Ryu , C.-H. Kim , C.-H. Park , B.-S. Choi, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2004, 126, 91809181.

"NMR Study on the Interaction between RPA and DNA Decamer Containing Cis-Syn Cyclobutan Pyrimidine Dimer in the Presence of XPA : Implication for Damage Verification and Strand-Specific Dual Incision in Nucleotide Excision Repair", J.-H. Lee , C.-J. Park , A.l.Arunkumar , W.J. Chazin , B.-S. Choi, Nucleic Acids Res. 2003, 31, 47474754.