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  • ȫ¿   Professor
  • Organic, Medicinal Chemistry
  • Ph.D., 2004 Pennsylvania University

Contact information

Tel: (office) +82-42-350-2811, (lab) +82-42-350-2851, 5811
Location: (office) Room 4103 (Bldg. E6-4), (lab) Room 4111, 4117, 4118 (Bldg. E6-4)
Fax: +82-42-350-2810
E-mail: hongorg@kaist.ac.kr
Website: https://sites.google.com/site/ddnpslab/


Ph.D. Pennsylvania University (Prof. Steven M. Weinreb) Aug. 2004
M.S., Seoul National University (Prof. Deukjoon Kim), Feb. 1998
B.S. Seoul National University, Feb. 1996


Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, KAIST (2012.3-present)
Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, KAIST (2009.2-2012.2)
Principal Scientist, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) in USA,
Postdoc, Harvard University (Prof. E. J. Corey)

Academes and Society

ACS member
KCS member


*Asian Core Program (ACP) Lectureship Award, Taiwan & Malaysia (2012)
*1st Young Organic Chemist Award, Div. of Organic Chemistry, KCS (2012)
* Best Researcher Award, Department of Chemistry, KAIST (2012)
* Thieme Chemistry Journal Award, Thieme Publishers (2012)
* Asian Core Program (ACP) Lectureship Award, Japan (2011)
* Best Lecturer Award, College of Natural Science, KAIST (2011)
* Best Lecturer Award, Department of Chemistry, KAIST (2010)
* Silver impact award, GSK (2008)
* Bronze impact award, GSK (2007)


Brief Introduction



Our research interests revolve the synthesis of complex molecules of importance in biology and human medicine, and translational research aimed at developing drugs for medical needs.


Research topics

* Development of New Reactions & Organic Synthesis
* Advanced Medicinal Chemistry
* Chemical Biology & Bioorganic Chemistry
* Computer-aided & Fragment Based Rational Drug Design

Representative publications

1.Palladium-Catalyzed Dehydrogenation/Oxidative Cross-Coupling Sequence of b-Heteroatom-Substituted Ketones Moon, Y.; Kwon, D.; Hong, S. Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2012, 51, 11333.
2."Regioselective Palladium-Catalyzed Olefination of Coumarins via Aerobic Oxidative Heck Reactions" Min, M.; Kim, Y.; Hong, S. Chem. Commun. 2013, 49, 196.
3."Design, Synthesis and Evaluation of 3,5-Disubstituted 7-Azaindoles as Trk Inhibitors with Anticancer and Anti-angiogenic Activities", Hong, S.; Kim, J.; Seo, J.; Jung, K.; Hong, S.-S.; Hong, S. J. Med. Chem. 2012, 55, 5337-5349.
4."Regioselective Palladium-Catalyzed Direct Cross-Coupling of Coumarins with Simple Arenes" Min, M.; Hong, S. Chem. Commun. 2012, 48, 9613.
5.A Facile Route to Isoflavone Quinones via the Direct Cross-Coupling of Chromones and Quinones Moon, Y.; Hong, S. Chem. Commun. 2012, 48, 7191-7193.
6."Design and Synthesis of Imidazopyridine Analogues as Inhibitors of Phosphoinositide 3-kinase Signaling and Angiogenesis", Kim, O.; Jeong, Y.; Lee, H.; Hong, S.-S.; Hong, S. J. Med. Chem. 2011, 54, 2455.
7."Palladium(II)-Catalyzed Direct Intermolecular Alkenylation of Chromones", Kim, D.; Hong, S. Org. Lett. 2011, 13, 4466-4469.
8.Enantioselective Total Synthesis of the Structurally Novel Securinega Alkaloid (-)-Secu`amamine A Liu, P.; Hong, S.; Weinreb, S. M. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2008, 130, 7562-7563.
9.Enantioselective Synthesis of Bridged- or Fused-Ring Bicyclic Ketones by a Catalytic Asymmetric Michael Addition Pathway Liu, D.; Hong, S.; Corey, E. J. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2006, 128, 8160-8161.
10.Enantioselective Syntheses of Georgyone, Arborone and Structural Relatives; Relevance to the Molecular-Level Understanding of Olfaction Hong, S.; Corey, E. J. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2006, 128, 1346-1352.
11.A Short Enantioselective Pathway for the Synthesis of the Anti-Influenza Neuramidase Inhibitor Oseltamivir from 1,3-Butadiene and Acrylic Acid Yeung, Y.; Hong, S.; Corey, E. J. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2006, 128, 6310-6311.
12.Construction of an Advanced Tetracyclic Intermediate for Total Synthesis of the Marine Alkaloid Sarain A Hong, S.; Yang, J.; Weinreb, S. M. J. Org. Chem. 2006, 71, 2078-2089.
13.Construction of the Tricyclo[,5]undecane System by a Novel Tandem Pinacol Rearrangement-Ene Strategy: A Formal Total Synthesis of ()-Perhydrohistrionicotoxin Kim, D.; Shim, P. J.; Lee, J.; Hong, S.; Kim, S. J. Org. Chem. 2000, 65, 4864-4870.
14.A Formal Total Synthesis of ()-Perhydrohistrionicotoxin Kim, D.; Hong, S.; Park, C. W. Chem. Commun. 1997, 21, 2263-2264.