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  •    Professor
  • Polymer Chemistry
  • Ph.D. 2008, KAIST
  • WEBPAGE : http://nanopsg.kaist.ac.kr
  • E-MAIL : seomyungeun@kaist.ac.kr
  • Tel/Office : 042-350-2814 (Office), 2854 (Lab) / 202 (E6-6) (Room)

Contact information

Tel: (office) +82-42-350-2814, (lab) +82-42-350-2854
Location: (office) Room 202 (Bldg. E6-6), (lab) Room 216 (Bldg. E6-6)
Fax: +82-42-350-2810


Ph.D., Polymer Chemistry, KAIST (2004-2008)
M.S., Polymer Chemistry, KAIST (2002-2004)
B.S., Chemistry, KAIST (1998-2002)


2016 –present Associate Professor, KAIST
2013 – 2016 Assistant Professor, KAIST
2009 – 2013 Postdoctoral fellow with Prof. Marc Hillmyer, University of Minnesota
2008 – 2009 Postdoctoral fellow with Prof. Sang Youl Kim, KAIST


2016 Distinguished Teaching Award (Graduate School), College of Natural Sciences, KAIST (2017)
2015 Wiley-PSK JPS Young Scientist Award (2015)
2014 Distinguished Teaching Award (Graduate School), College of Natural Sciences, KAIST (2015)
EWon Assistant Professorship, KAIST (2015-2018)
Chief Director Award for Graduation (second on the list), KAIST (2002)


Brief Introduction

Our group aims to develop nanostructured polymeric materials by synthesizing polymers with diverse architectures and self-assembling them into exquisite nanostructures. By exploiting controlled polymerization techniques, we combine different monomers and polymers together to synthesize well-defined but complex polymers, and study how these polymers spontaneously get folded/self-assembled/microphase separated to form the desired nanostructures according to the information encoded in the chemical structure. We are particularly interested in in-situ organization processes occurring during polymerization such as polymerization-induced microphase separation (PIMS), and developing nanoporous polymers and nanostructured membranes useful for separation and energy applications based on the PIMS process.

Research topics

- Controlled polymer synthesis
- Self-assembly of polymers and small molecules
- Porous polymers
- Functional polymer membranes

Representative publications

(1) Semipermeable microcapsules with a block polymer-templated nanoporous membrane, Jaehoon Oh, Bomi Kim, Sangmin Lee, Shin-Hyun Kim*, and Myungeun Seo*, Chem. Mater. 30, 273-279 (2018).
(2) Photoinitiated polymerization-induced microphase separation for the preparation of nanoporous polymer films, Jaehoon Oh and Myungeun Seo*, ACS Macro Lett. 4, 1244-1248 (2015).
(3) Induction and control of supramolecular chirality by light in self-assembled helical nanostructures, Jisung Kim, Jinhee Lee, Woo Young Kim, Hyungjun Kim, Sanghwa Lee, Hee Chul Lee, Yoon Sup Lee, Myungeun Seo* and Sang Youl Kim*, Nat. Commun. 486, 29-39 (2015).
(4) Hierarchically porous polymers from hyper-cross-linked block polymer precursors, Myungeun Seo*, Soobin Kim, Jaehoon Oh, Sun-Jung Kim and Marc A. Hillmyer, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 137, 600-603 (2015).
(5) Reticulated nanoporous polymers by controlled polymerization-induced microphase separation, Myungeun Seo and Marc A. Hillmyer*, Science 336, 1422–1425 (2012).