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  •    Associate Professor
  • Polymer Science
  • Ph.D. 2007, KAIST
  • WEBPAGE : http://yoon.kaist.ac.kr
  • E-MAIL : nandk@kaist.ac.kr
  • Tel/Office : 042-350-1116 (Office), 1156 (Lab) / 206 (E6-6) (Room)

Contact information

Tel: (office) +82-42-350-1116, (lab) +82-42-350-1156 (administrative) +82-42-350-1176
Location: (office) Room 206 (Bldg. E6-6), (lab) Room 214, 215 (Bldg. E6-6)
Fax: +82-42-350-2810


03/2003-02/2007 KAIST, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering (Ph.D.)
03/2001-02/2003 KAIST, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering (M.S.)
03/1997-02/2001 Yonsei University, Chemical Engineering (B.S.)

Professional Experiences

04/2014-present Associate Professor, KAIST
04/2011-03/2014 Assistant Professor, KAIST
03/2009-03/2011 Postdoctoral Researcher, Univ. of Colorado, Boulder
03/2007-03/2009 P Senior Engineer, Samsung Electronics


Merck Young Scientist Award in the 17th International Meeting on Information Display (2017)
MOE (Ministry of Education) Excellent basic research 50 (2014)
The Michi Nakata Prize in the 24th International Liquid Crystal Conference (2012)
Junior Scientist Exchange Award in ICAM(Institute for Complex Adaptive Matter) (2009)
Excellent Paper Award in Polymer Society (2008)
Amchuns Thesis Award in Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, KAIST (2006)


Brief Introduction

We have keen interests in soft matter nanofabrication; the construction of defect-free nanostructures of soft nanomaterials in large area to realize potential applications such as organic opto-electronics, multi-functional surfaces, and advanced displays. In order to control various kinds of self-assembled nanostructures of soft materials, we use topographical confinements of nanostructures such as micro-channel, porous media, in which surface treatments can be added to control the orientation of soft materials. Nano-characterization of controlled nanostructures is also significant for our goal, thus we use the convolution methods including microscopes (polarizing, fluorescent, laser scanning confocal microscopes, electron microscopes, and atomic force microscope) and diffraction tools (X-ray diffraction with a synchrotron radiation). Our final goal is to conduct a full system from synthesis, fabrication, and characterization of soft matters for the various applications mentioned above.

Research topics

► Synthesis of soft matters; small molecular weight liquid crystals, supramolecules, polymers, biopolymers, inorganic particles, etc
► Nano- and microfabrication and orientation control of soft matters by topographic confinement
► Nano- and micro-structural analyses; scattering and microscopy
► Organic optics and electronics using soft matters

Representative publications

1. Yun Jeong Cha, Dae Seok Kim and Dong Ki Yoon* Highly Aligned Plasmonic Gold Nanorods in a DNA Matrix Adv. Funct. Mater. 27, 1703790 (2017. 10.10)
2. Min-Jun Gim, Daniel A. Beller and Dong Ki Yoon* Morphogenesis of liquid crystal topological defects during the nematic-smectic A phase transition Nat. Comm. 8, 15453 (2017. 5. 30)
3. Hanim Kim, Seong Ho Ryu, Michael Tuchband, Tae Joo Shin, Eva Korblova, David M. Walba, Noel A. Clark, Dong Ki Yoon* The three-dimensionally nanoconfined liquid crystal phase: Nematic to smectic-like structural transition Science Advances, 2017, 3, e1602102 (2017.2.10)
4. Yun Jeong Cha and Dong Ki Yoon* Control of Periodic Zigzag Structures of DNA by a Simple Shearing Method Adv. Mater. 29(3), 1604247 (2016.11.15)
5. Dae Seok Kim, Yun Jeong Cha, Mun Ho Kim, Oleg D. Lavrentovich*, Dong Ki Yoon* Controlling Gaussian and mean curvatures at microscale by sublimation and condensation of smectic liquid crystals Nat. Comm. 7, 10236 (2016. 1. 4)
6. Hanim Kim, Sunhee Lee,Tae Joo Shin, Eva Korblova, David M. Walba, Noel A. Clark*, Sang Bok Lee*, Dong Ki Yoon* Multistep hierarchical self-assembly of chiral nanopore arrays, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A, 111(40) 14342-14347, (2014. 10. 7)
7. Dong Ki Yoon, M. C. Choi, Yun Ho Kim, Mahn Won Kim, Oleg D. Lavrentovich, and Hee-Tae Jung, Internal structure visualization and lithographic use of periodic toroidal holes in liquid crystals Nat. Mater. 6 (11), 866-870 (2007.11.1)