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Date Time Location Speaker Title
2019-11-13 16:30 #1501(E6-1) Prof. Min Sang Kwon (UNIST) (Seminar) Molecular design principle of purely organic photocatalysts for visible-light driven polymerization and organic reactions
2019-11-06 16:30 #1501(E6-1) Prof. Hochun Lee (UNIST) (Seminar) Ionics, the forgotten half-side of electrochemistry: Its role in fast-operation of Li-ion batteries
2019-10-30 16:30 #1501(E6-1) Prof. Christopher Snow (Colorado State University) (Seminar) Converting Porous Biomolecular Crystals into Multifunctional Pixels
2019-10-08 13:30 #2124(E6-4) Prof. Leanne D. Chen(University of Guelph) (Special seminar) Atomic-Scale Computational Insight into Electrochemical Reactions: from Mechanistic Understanding to Materials Engineering
2019-10-02 16:30 #1501(E6-1) Prof. Jaeheung Cho (DGIST) (Seminar) Small molecule activation inspired by O2 activating metalloenzymes
2019-09-25 16:30 #1501(E6-1) Dr. Jinsoo Kim (Institute for Basic Science) (Seminar) Genome-Wide Target Specificity of CRISPR Systems
2019-09-20 16:30 #3130(E6-4) Dr.Nopporn Thasana(Chulabhorn Research Institute) (Special seminar) Application of oxazolones and towards synthesis of indene derivatives
2019-09-18 16:30 #1501(E6-1) Prof. Youngmin You (Ewha Womans University) (Seminar) Exploiting Excited-State Molecules
2019-09-11 16:30 #1501(E6-1) Dr. Jin-Ook Baeg (KRICT) (Seminar) Solar Chemical Factory for Selective Production of Solar Fuel and Fine Chemicals
2019-09-04 16:30 #1501(E6-1) Prof. Soon-Ki Kwon (Gyeongsang National University) (7th Prof Sam-Kwon Choi ChemScholar Lecture) Molecular Design Strategy on Environmentally Friendly Organic Semiconducting Materials for Organic Electronics