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Date Time Location Speaker Title
2019-03-28 16:00 #2124(E6-4) Prof. Robert R. Knowles(Princeton University) (special seminar) Proton-coupled electron transfer in organic synthesis
2019-03-27 13:00 #2124(E6-4) Dr. Surl-Hee Ahn(University of California,San Diego) (special seminar) Investigating the role of linkers in the non-helical but still chiral conformation of triazine-based sequence-defined polymers
2019-03-27 16:30 #1501(E6-1) Prof. Sangsu Bae (Hanyang University) (seminar) Genome editing using CRISPR
2019-03-20 16:30 #1501(E6-1) Prof. NATHANIEL K. SZYMCZAK (UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN • ANN ARBOR) (seminar)Moving Beyond the Metal: Assisted Small Molecule Activation
2019-03-19 16:30 #2124(E6-4) Prof. Gary Molander (University of Pennsylvania) (special seminar) Azaborine Isosteres of Aromatic Systems
2019-03-18 16:30 #2124(E6-4) Prof. Gary Molander (University of Pennsylvania) (Special seminar) Single Electron Processes Enabling Organic Synthesis
2019-03-13 16:30 #1501(E6-1) Prof. Yun-Hi Kim (Gyeongsang National University) (Seminar) Development of Organic Semiconducting Materials for Organic Electronics
2019-03-07 16:30 #2124(E6-4) Prof. Ho-Chol Chang (Chuo University, Japan) (special seminar) A New Challenge in the Molecular Functional Chemistry of Redox-active Ligands
2019-02-18 14:00 #3130(E6-4) Prof. Hyungjun Kim (Incheon National University) (Special Seminar) Enacting Two-Electron Transfer from TT state of Intramolecular Singlet Fission
2018-12-05 16:30 #1501(E6-1) Prof. Hyonseok Hwang (Kangwon National University) (seminar)Exploring Interactions of Peptides and Surfactants with Biological Interfaces Using Molecular Dynamics Simulations