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Date Time Location Speaker Title
2018-09-11 15:00 #3130(E6-4) Graham de Ruiter(Technion) (seminar) Metal-Metal and Metal-Ligand Cooperation for Activating Small Molecules: Unprecedented Rate Acceleration for Oxygen Atom Transfer
2018-09-05 16:30 #1501(E6-1) Dr. Changjoon Justin Lee (KIST) (seminar) Developing Reversible MAO-B Inhibitors to Treat Alzheimer\'s and Parkinson\'s Diseases
2018-09-04 16:30 #2124(E6-4) Prof. Peijun Zhang (University of Oxford) (special seminar) Structural Mechanisms of HIV-1 Capsid Assembly and Host Interactions
2018-08-29 16:30 #1501(E6-1) Dr Jeong Won Kim (KRISS) (seminar) Carrier Dynamics at Organic Material Interfaces
2018-08-22 16:00 KI bldg. (E4) Prof. Naoaki Yabuuchi (Yokohama National University) (special seminar) HIGH-CAPACITY POSITIVE ELECTRODES WITH ANIONIC AND CATIONIC REDOX FOR RECHARGEABLE LI/NA BATTERIES
2018-07-26 16:00 #3130(E6-4) Prof. Julia A. Kovacs, University of Washington (special seminar) The Influence of Thiolate Ligands on Iron Dioxygen Chemistry: Formation of a Reactive Fe-Superoxo Intermediate
2018-07-18 13:00 #2124(E6-4) Dr. Yongju Kim (Jilin University, Changchun, China) (seminar)Adaptive Supramolecular Assembly
2018-07-16 13:00 #2124(E6-4) Dr. Jin Young Kang (The Rockefeller University) (seminar) Stop or Go: The molecular mechanism of the pausing regulation in RNA transcription
2018-07-11 15:00 #2124(E6-4) Dr. Daniel J. Siegwart (The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center) (special seminar) Non-viral CRISPR/Cas gene editing in vivo enabled by synthetic nanoparticle co-delivery of Cas9 mRNA and sgRNA
2018-07-05 13:30 #2124(E6-4) Prof. Seogjoo J. Jang (Queens College, City University of New York) (special seminar) Delocalized excitons in natural light harvesting complexes