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Date Time Location Speaker Title
2016-11-02 16:00 #1501(E6-4) Prof. Akira Sekiguchi (University of Tsukuba) The Kim Yong Hae Lecture:Chemistry of Stable Triply-bonded Silicon Compounds Disilynes ...
2016-11-02 17:00 #1501(E6-4) Prof. Jong-In Hong (Seoul National Uni.) The Kim Yong Hae Lecture:Chemosensors for Biologically Important Molecules and ...
2016-10-19 16:30 #1501(E6-4) Chief Scientist Yousoo Kim (Riken, Japan) Development and Application of Single-molecule Emission/Absorption Spectroscopy with STM
2016-10-05 16:30 #1501(E6-4) Hoonje Cho [CTO of Actnerlab) Roles of University and Seed Accelerator to Train Undergraduate and Graduate Students
2016-09-28 16:30 #1501(E6-4) James L. Leighton (Columbia University) Straining Silicon:From Natural Products Synthesis to Nanoscience
2016-09-21 16:30 #1501(E6-4) David G. Churchill (KAIST) Reversible Organoselenium-based ROS Fluorescent Probes and Related Chemistry
2016-09-07 16:30 #1501(E6-4) Tiow-Gan Ong(Academia sinica, Taiwan) Big-to-Small Molecule Activation Tandem with Arts of Designing Ligands
2016-08-05 04:30 #3130(E6-4) Pro.Robert Paton(University of Oxford) Computational Studies of Asymmetric Catalysis: the era of prediction?
2016-07-28 16:30 #3130(E6-4) Prof. Sensuke Ogoshi (Osaka University) Asymmetric Synthesis of Benzoxasiloles via 2-Aldehyde Chiral Nickel(0) Complex and Reaction Path
2016-07-14 16:00 #3130 (E6-4) Prof. Masaaki Kakimoto(Tokyo Institute of Tech.) Preparation and Application of Hyperbranched Polymers