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Date Time Location Speaker Title
2022-02-23 10:00 Online (Zoom system) Yeo Jung Moon (IMM investment) (Special Seminar) What is Venture Capital?
2022-01-10 11:00 Online (Zoom system) Dr. Taeyeon Kim (Northwestern University) (Special seminar) Charge-transfer and vibronic coherences in organic systems
2022-01-07 14:00 Online (Zoom system) Dr. Tae Su Choi (University of California, San Diego) (Special Seminar) Metal selectivity of artificial protein dimers by conformational changes
2021-12-08 16:30 Online (Zoom system) Prof. Ji Won Ha (University of Ulsan) (Seminar) Tuning Chemical Interface Damping in Single Gold Nanoparticles
2021-11-26 15:15 Online (Zoom system) Dr. Hyun Woo Kim (KRICT) (Special Seminar) Data-driven Optimization of Molecular Representations
2021-11-24 16:30 Online (Zoom system) Prof. Myung-Han Yoon (GIST) (Seminar) Organic Mixed Conductor-based Microfiber Meshes for Efficient Bioelectronic Interfaces
2021-11-17 16:30 Online (Zoom system) Prof. Majed Chergui (EPFL) (Seminar) Chemical Dynamics with ultrashort optical and X-ray Pulses
2021-11-10 16:30 Online (Zoom system) Prof. Chan Ho Kwon (Kangwon National University) (Seminar) Development of innovative mass spectrometer for high-resolution ion spectroscopy
2021-11-03 16:30 Online (Zoom system) Prof. Byeong Su Kim (Yonsei University) (seminar) Exploiting Hydrogen Bonding in the Platform of Polyether
2021-10-27 16:30 Online (Zoom system) Prof. Nam Joon Kim (Chungbuk National University) (seminar) Circular dichroism spectroscopy of cold chiral molecules and ions in the gas phase