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Date Time Location Speaker Title
2023-08-07 16:00 Room 118 (E6-6) Prof.Mahesh Mahanthappa (University of Minnesota) (Special seminar) Periodic Self-Assembled Particle Packings: Connecting Thermotropic and Lyotropic Liquid Crystals
2023-08-02 16:00 room 119(E6-6) Prof In-Hwan Lee (Department of Chemistry, Ajou University) (Special seminar) New Synthetic Approaches for Sequence-Controlled Synthesis of Functional Polymers
2023-07-18 16:30 Room 2124(E6-4) Prof. Luis Bañares (Universidad Complutense de Madrid) (Special seminar) Conical Intersections in Photoinduced Molecular Dynamics
2023-07-10 16:30 Room 2124 (E6-4) Prof. Grace Han (Brandeis University) (Special seminar) Light-Responsive Materials for a Sustainable Future: Exploring Optically-Controlled Functional Organic Systems
2023-07-06 16:00 room 3130(E6-4) Prof. Alon A. Gorodetsky (University of California, Irvine) (Special seminar) Dynamic Materials and Systems Inspired by Cephalopods
2023-06-13 16:30 room 3130(E6-4) Prof. Stefan Willitsch (University of Basel) (Special seminar)Cold molecular ions in traps: From molecular quantum technologies to precise mechanistic studies of chemical reactions
2023-06-07 14:30 Room 108 (E6-6) м (ȭ \'\' ι, Ž PD, MBC) (Special Seminar) Science & Research Ethics
2023-05-31 16:30 Room 1501(E6) Dr. Key Young Oang (KAERI) (Seminar) Study on Ultrafast Structural Dynamics using Time-resolved Electron Diffraction
2023-05-24 16:30 Room 1501(E6) Prof. Chang Woo Myung (Sungkyunkwan University) (Seminar) Development of next generation sparse gaussian ab initio machine learning potential
2023-05-17 16:30 room 1501(E6) Prof Seokhee Kim (Seoul National University) (Seminar) Exploring biomolecular diversity: principle and application