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Date Time Location Speaker Title
2020-06-17 16:30 Online (Zoom system) Prof. Hyun-Kon Song (UNIST) (Seminar) Touching oxygen species for electrochemical energy conversion
2020-06-10 16:30 Online (Zoom system) Prof. Hyung Min Chi (POSTECH) (Seminar) From Organic Methodology to Total Synthesis: Enantioselective Sulfenoamination of Alkenes & Quaternary Center Guided Synthesis of Polycyclic Terpenes
2020-06-03 16:30 Online (Zoom system) Prof. Myungeun Seo (KAIST) (Seminar) How to Shape a Synthetic Polymer Chain
2020-05-27 16:30 Online (Zoom system) Prof. Chang Ho Sohn (Yonsei University) (Seminar) Single cell analysis platforms for investigations of complex biological systems
2020-05-20 16:30 Online (Zoom system) Prof. Chang Hyuck Choi (GIST) (Seminar) Atomic-scale engineering of single-atom electrocatalysts: bridging between chemistry and engineering
2020-05-13 16:30 Online (Zoom system) Prof. In Hwan Jung (Kookmin University) (Seminar) Development of conjugated polymers for future energy souces
2020-04-29 16:30 Online (Zoom system) Dr. Taejoon Kang (KRIBB) (Seminar) Convergence Bionanotechnology for Disease Diagnosis
2020-04-22 16:30 Online (Zoom system) Prof. Jeung Gon Kim (Department of Chemistry, Jeonbuk National University) (Seminar)New Methods to make, break, and decorate polymers
2020-01-07 16:30 #3130(E6-4) Dr.Christophe Bour(ICMMO/Université Paris-Sud) (Special seminar) ESCAPE FROM NOBLE TRANSITION METALS
2019-12-19 16:00 #3130(E6-4) Prof. Yun-Ming Wang(National Chiao Tung University) (Special seminar) Manganese doped-iron oxide nanoparticles and dinitrosyl iron complexes: potential agents for theranostic applications and angiogenesis