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Date Time Location Speaker Title
2022-10-12 16:30 Room 1501(E6-4) Prof. Youngsuk Kim (Pusan National University) (Seminar) Synthesis and characterization of nitrosylated Fe–S clusters
2022-10-05 16:30 Room 1501(E6-4) Prof. Hyeon Suk Shin (UNIST) (Seminar) Pressure enabled organic reactions via confinement between graphene layers
2022-09-28 16:30 Room 1501(E6-4) Prof. Jaesook Yun (Sungkyunkwan Univ.) (Seminar) Copper-Catalyzed Asymmetric Synthetic Methods of Organoboron Compounds
2022-09-26 16:30 room 3130(E6-4) Prof. Phil Ho Lee (Kangwon National University) (Special seminar) B–H Functionalization of o-Carborane
2022-09-14 16:30 Room 1501(E6-4) Prof. Jun-Ho Choi (GIST) (Seminar) Computational study on aggregation behavior in aqueous solutions
2022-09-07 16:30 Room 1505(E6-4) Prof. Bun Yeoul Lee (Ajou University) (Seminar) Polymerization and Sustainability (cancelled)
2022-09-06 16:00 room 3130(E6-4) Dr. Nam donggeon (University of Rochester) (Special Seminar) Development of chemoenzymetic strategies for asymmetric synthesis via carbene....
2022-09-01 16:00 Room 2124(E6-4) Prof. Vadim G.Kessler (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) (Special seminar) Metal oxide sol-gel materials as drug delivery vehicles and components of Tissue scaffolds
2022-09-01 17:00 Room 2124(E6-4) Prof. Guliaim A. Seisenbaeva (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences) (sepcial seminar) Mesoporous metal oxide anodes for alkali metal ion batteries
2022-07-08 16:00 room 118(E6-6) Prof. Seung Soon Jang (Georgia Institute of Technology) (Special seminar) Multicompartment Micelle based NanoReactor: Revisiting Flory-Huggins Parameter and Multiscale Modeling